Errollyn Wallen (1958)

Photography 2006


Composing is an abstract activity; yet all life goes into a piece of music.
I have written a work in four movements not directly inspired by a particular visual image but rather, like viewing a collection of photographs, ideas have come from an assembly of situations – in this case, musical situations.

The first movement is dance-like and is based on a simple motif; the second movement pays homage to my hero, JS Bach, the opening quoting from his Sinfonia No.14 (BWV 800). In the third movement I explore a very different sort of motion than in the first movement and a completely different harmonic language and string texture. The last movement returns to the roots of dance inherent in the first. As for Bach, the notes themselves are always my constant inspiration and in Photography I have sought to achieve the potential of the patterns I have created.

Photography is dedicated to Sarah Suckling (cellist) and Oliver Wilson (violist) on the occasion of their marriage in December 2005. The work was written whilst in Florida, New York and London.

Errollyn Wallen

20.3.06 Civic Hall, Stratford-upon-Avon: Orchestra of the Swan/David Curtis
21.3.06 Pittville Pump Room, Cheltenham: Orchestra of the Swan/David Curtis
22.3.06 Dartington Hall: Orchestra of the Swan/David Curtis
25.3.06 Sounds New Festival, Canterbury: Orchestra of the Swan/David Curtis
28.4.06 Corsham Festival: Orchestra of the Swan/David Curtis