Tye's Crye

Julian Anderson (1967)

Tye's Crye 1995


Tye's Crye is a free re-arrangement of an In Nomine by the sixteenth-century English composer Christopher Tye. His original piece is subjected to various types of distortion and exaggeration. It's as if one were trying to listen to his piece on a rather poorly tuned radio, with serveral other stations clouding the air-waves. It was commission by Sinfonia 21 for their 1995 festival 'Old Stones New Fires' where it was premiered under Martin Brabbins.

Julian Anderson

21.8.95, Great Barn, Michelham Priory, East Sussex: Sinfonia 21/Martyn Brabbins
13.5.97 Bath University: Sinfonia 21/ Martyn Brabbins
13.12.97 Bexhill on Sea: Sinfonia 21 / Martyn Brabbins
1.2.01 Perth International Music Festival: performers unknown
25.9.02 Windsor Castle: Orchestra of St John's / John Lubbock
12.3.12 Ars Musica Festival, Brussels: Orchestre Royal de chambre de Wallonie / Jean Thorel